Matthew McLemore, founder of Buzz Mack Media, faced the formidable task of establishing AOL's action sports division,, from the ground up. As the Art Director and Designer, he was responsible for not only creating the brand identity but also shaping the overall aesthetic and user experience of the platform. The challenge was to develop a brand and a social network that would resonate with and accurately represent the action sports community.
Leveraging his extensive experience and understanding of the action sports world, Matthew embarked on the journey of designing and directing the visual and interactive aspects of His approach involved a deep dive into the culture and nuances of action sports to ensure authenticity in every element of the brand. From selecting color schemes and typography that reflected the energy of action sports to designing a user interface that catered to the community's unique needs, every decision was made with the target audience in mind. The social network component was crafted to foster a sense of community, enabling fans to engage with both the content and each other in a meaningful way.
Under Matthew McLemore's artistic guidance, emerged as a vibrant and authentic representation of the action sports world. The platform became known for its engaging design and user-friendly interface, which appealed directly to action sports enthusiasts. As the Art Director and Designer, Matthew successfully translated his passion for action sports into a digital experience that resonated with users, establishing as a go-to destination for fans and a credible source of action sports editorial content. The success of stood as a testament to Matthew's skill in blending artistry with user-centric design, setting a high standard for digital platforms in the sports industry.
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