When Matthew McLemore, founder of Buzz Mack Media, was 24 years old siting on his couch watching the X-Games he said to himself that he wanted to be on that show. His solution the exciting challenge of building a brand from scratch an editorial website and to create the Official Gravitybike Association. He asked his current Job at Spike Radio to sponsor him for $5000.00 and made a promise to get in the games by racing his sway to X-Games qualifiers in mammoth mountain where he won the number one qualification time and placed forth overall crashing both times at speeds in excess of 60 miles per hour to do so. This project encompassed the creation of a comprehensive branding package, including the design of logos, a website, and custom graphics for race bikes. The objective was to elevate the profile of gravity biking, an obscure sport at the time, and to generate widespread interest and participation.
Matthew approached this task with a blend of creativity and strategic thinking. He started by designing a visually compelling and distinctive logo that would resonate with the gravity biking community and appeal to a broader audience. The website was conceptualized to not only serve as an information hub about the sport and its events but also to engage and grow the community. For the race bikes, Matthew created custom graphics that were both aesthetically striking and reflective of the sport's dynamic and adventurous spirit. Each element of the branding was carefully crafted to ensure consistency and to effectively convey the essence of gravity biking.
The impact of Matthew McLemore's work was profound. The brand he developed for the Gravitybike Association played a crucial role in transforming an obscure sport into a recognized and exciting event, eventually leading to its demonstration at the 2000 Summer X-Games. Matthew received an invitation from ESPN to Demo the sport with the first group of Pro 3/4 faring riders that existed in all of the US. This exposure contributed significantly to the sport's growth, inspiring thousands of riders worldwide and leading to the establishment of race organizations across the globe. Matthew's vision and expertise in brand building not only elevated the profile of gravity biking but also created a lasting legacy in the world of extreme sports.
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