Matthew McLemore founder of Buzz Mack Media was tasked with the initial wireframing and design of the CBS News iPad application. This project required a careful balance between aesthetic appeal and functional design, ensuring that the app not only looked visually compelling but also provided a seamless and intuitive user experience.
The process began with a detailed wireframing phase, where Matthew laid out the fundamental structure and flow of the application. This involved meticulous planning of the user journey, ensuring that the news content was easily accessible and the navigation was intuitive. Once the wireframes were established, our design team, utilizing Photoshop CC, created initial design comps. These comps were crafted with a keen eye for detail, considering factors such as layout, typography, color schemes, and interactive elements, all tailored to enhance the user experience on an iPad.
The resulting design of the CBS News iPad application was both visually striking and user-friendly. Matthew's approach to the design ensured that users could effortlessly navigate through the latest news stories, features, and live content. The application combined a clean, modern aesthetic with a highly functional layout, setting a new standard for news applications on tablet devices. This project not only showcased Matthew McLemore's expertise in digital design but also his ability to deliver products that meet the needs and expectations of a modern audience.
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