Matthew McLemore founder of Buzz Mack Media was presented with an exciting opportunity to inject the iconic Venice Beach flair into PGW's advertising agency website. The project revolved around creating a fully animated website, featuring a detailed illustration of Venice Beach, California, by the talented illustrator Danielle Camilo from Tall Works Design. The primary challenge was to program and animate a single massive, intricate vector image, ensuring fluid and detailed animations.
The project's complexity was heightened by the limitations of Adobe Flash, which struggled to handle such a large image on its artboard. UI/UX Designer, Matthew McLemore, rose to the challenge, ingeniously developing a workaround for the constraints of the Macromedia Programs. His solution enabled the creation of a dynamic zooming effect for each content area, meticulously fitting precise X/Y coordinates. This technical innovation was not only a testament to Matthew's problem-solving skills but also his commitment to delivering an exceptional product.
The result was nothing short of spectacular. The website emerged as PGW's most awarded agency site during its tenure. The combination of Danielle Camilo's captivating illustration and the advanced animation techniques resulted in a website that perfectly encapsulated the essence of Venice Beach. This project underscored Matthew McLemore's award-winning design capabilities and solidified his reputation for overcoming technical challenges to create visually stunning and highly functional web and mobile products. 
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